10 Interesting Facts About Pärnu

Facts About Pärnu

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Facts About Pärnu

  1. In 2002 a war memorial was erected in Pärnu showing a bas-relief of a soldier in a Waffen SS uniform along with the words: “To all Estonian soldiers who died in the war of liberation for their country and a free Europe in the years 1941–1945.”
  2. Since 1996 Pärnu has been known as Estonia’s Summer Capital.
  3. Pärnu is twinned with: Šiauliai, Lithuania; Södertälje, Sweden; Siófok, Hungary; Jelgava, Latvia; Gran, Norway; Helsingborg, Sweden; Helsingør, Denmark; Vaasa, Finland; Oskarshamn, Sweden; Sochi, Russia; Portsmouth, New Hampshire, US & Ocean City, Maryland, US.
  4. Pärnu is also known for its seawall. According to legend, if a couple holds hands while journeying along the wall and kisses at its endpoint they will stay together forever.
  5. The Population of Pärnu is 39,620, as of 2017.
  6. First mentioned in 1251 as a member of the Hanseatic League, Pärnu was successively controlled by the Teutonic Knights, the Poles, the Swedes, and the Russians.
  7. Pärnu is the fourth largest city in Estonia. Located in southwestern Estonia on the coast of Pärnu Bay, an inlet of the Gulf of Riga in the Baltic Sea.
  8. from 2015 the city of Pärnu hosts the annual Weekend Festival, the largest dance music festival in the Nordic and Baltic region.
  9. The Pärnu River flows through the city and drains into the Gulf of Riga.
  10. There are nine districts of Pärnu: Kesklinn, Karja alev, Riia alev, Lodja, Raeküla, Rääma, Tammiste, Vana-Pärnu and Ülejõe.
Facts About Pärnu
Facts About Pärnu
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