10 Interesting Facts About Polotsk

Interesting Facts About Polotsk

Facts About Polotsk

  1. The Old East Slavic name, Polotesk, derives from the Polota River, which flows into the Western Dvina nearby. The Vikings rendered that name as Palteskja.
  2. Belarusian first printer and enlightener Frantsysk Skorina was born here as well.
  3. Polotsk is a historical city in Belarus, situated on the Dvina River.
  4. Polotsk is served by Polotsk Airport and during the Cold War was home to Borovitsy air base.
  5. In September 2003, as “Days of Belarusian Literacy” were celebrated for the 10th time in Polotsk, city authorities dedicated a monument to honour the unique Cyrillic Belarusian letter Ў, which is not used in any other Slavic language.
  6. Magdeburg law was adopted in 1498.
  7. Polotsk was founded in 862 and not only is it the oldest town in the country, one of the oldest in the whole Slavic region.
  8. The town was a birthplace for the first Belarusian canonized woman Euphrosyne of Polotsk.
  9. Announced in 2010 Capital of Culture, Polotsk was the first Belarusian town named Belarus’ Capital of Culture due to its outstanding historical and cultural heritage, rich cultural life. 
  10. Polotsk’ 1150th anniversary was included in the Calendar of Events of UNESCO in 2012-2013.
Interesting Facts About Polotsk
Interesting Facts About Polotsk