10 Interesting Facts About Port St Mary, Isle of Man

Facts About Port St Mary, Isle of Man

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Facts About Port St Mary

  1. Port St Mary is the fourth largest town on the Isle of Man, with a population of approximately 1,800 people.
  2. The name “Port St Mary” is derived from the patron saint of the village, Saint Mary the Virgin, who is said to have watched over Chapel Bay in the village.
  3. Port St. Mary remains an important fishing centre, with a number of fishing boats still operating out of its harbour.
  4. Port St Mary is a small village on the Isle of Man’s southern coast. The village is located at the mouth of a valley that opens onto a sheltered bay.
  5. Bay View Road, the town’s main thoroughfare that follows the seafront, is where most of the village’s shops and businesses are located.
  6. Port St Mary is also known for its annual carnival, which takes place in August and includes parades, music, and entertainment for people of all ages.
  7. The Raad ny Foillan, or “Way of the Gull,” is a coastal footpath that circles the entire Isle of Man, and it passes by Port St. Mary.
  8. There are six parishes on the Isle of Man, and Port St. Mary is a part of the Rushen Parish.
  9. The Port St. Mary Art and Heritage Centre and the Sayle Gallery are just two of the many art galleries and studios that can be found in Port St. Mary, which also has a vibrant cultural heritage.
  10. St. Mary’s Port was referred to as Port-le-Murray at times during the 19th century.


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Facts About Port St Mary, Isle of Man
Facts About Port St Mary, Isle of Man
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