10 Interesting Facts About Poznań

Facts About Poznań

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Facts About Poznań

  • Poznań is classified as a Gamma- global city by Globalization and World Cities Research Network.
  • The official patron saints of Poznań are Saint Peter and Paul of Tarsus, the patrons of the cathedral.
  • Poznań is the fifth-largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland.
  • Poznań is a city on the Warta River in west-central Poland, in the Greater Poland region.
  • The name Poznań probably comes from a personal name, Poznan and would mean “Poznan’s town”. It is also possible that the name comes directly from the verb poznać, which means “to get to know” or “to recognize,” so it may simply mean “known town”.
  • Poznań is famous for its football teams, Warta Poznań, which was one of the most successful clubs in pre-war history, and Lech Poznań, who are currently one of the biggest clubs in the country, frequently playing in European cups and have many fans from all over the region.
  • Poznań hosted the 2009 European Young Adults Meeting of the ecumenical Christian Taizé Community.
  • The city is home to one of the oldest zoological gardens in Poland, the Old Zoo in Poznań, which was established in 1874.
  • Poznań is divided into 42 neighbourhoods, each of which has its own elected council with certain decision-making and spending powers.
  • The Population of Poznań is 535,946, as of 2019.
 Facts About Poznań
Facts About Poznań
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