10 Interesting Facts About Prattville, Alabama

Facts About Prattville, Alabama

Facts About Prattville

  1. Prattville was founded in 1839 by industrialist Daniel Pratt.
  2. In 1868, Prattville was named the county seat for Autauga County.
  3. Prattville contains several sites on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Daniel Pratt Historic District, Bell House and Buena Vista.
  4. Prattville’s inception traces back to Daniel Pratt’s establishment of the Daniel Pratt Gin Company along Autauga Creek’s banks. Initially recognized as McNeil’s or Montgomery’s Mill, this location was chosen by Pratt to harness water power for his factory operations.
  5. Prattville has a total area of 33.8 square miles, of which 32.9 square miles is land and 0.9 square miles is water, this is according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
  6. The estimated population of Prattville is 37,781 people, of these people 14,069 are households and 9,658 are families.
  7. On February 17, 2008, Prattville was hit by an EF3 tornado which destroyed more than 45 homes and businesses and damaged over 700.
  8. Prattville’s nickname “Fountain City” has been bestowed upon the area due to its abundance of artesian wells. Numerous wells, many of which remain operational, serve as sources for both ornamental fountains and drinking fountains throughout the city.
  9. In Gabriel García Márquez’s renowned novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” Prattville is alluded to as the ancestral city of Jack Brown, the pioneer behind the banana company.
  10. The city of Prattville is near several museums including the Peoples Historical Museum, the Buena Vista-Reservations, and the Autauga County Heritage Center.
Facts About Prattville, Alabama
Facts About Prattville, Alabama