10 Interesting Facts About Rankin Inlet

Facts About Rankin Inlet

Facts About Rankin Inlet

  • Rankin Inlet is an Inuit hamlet on Kudlulik Peninsula in Nunavut, Canada.
  • Rankin Inlet is the largest hamlet and second-largest settlement in Nunavut, after the territorial capital, Iqaluit.
  • In the 1995 Nunavut capital plebiscite, Iqaluit defeated Rankin Inlet to become territorial capital of Nunavut.
  • Archaeological sites suggest the area was inhabited around 1200 A.D. by Thule people, bowhead whale hunters.
  • The town itself was founded by the owners of the Rankin Inlet Mine, just north of Johnston Cove. Starting in 1957, the mine produced nickel and copper ores from an underground operation.
  • The community is served by the Rankin Inlet Airport, and by annual supply sealift.
  • Rankin Inlet is 28 m (92 ft) above sea level.
  • The Estimated Population of Rankin Inlet is 2,842.
  • Rankin Inlet is known as ‘Kangiqtiniq’ in Inuktitut, which means ‘deep inlet’.
  • Today the economy has recovered with a fishery and an Inuit craft industry.
Facts About Rankin Inlet
Facts About Rankin Inlet