10 Interesting Facts About Ratnapura

Facts About Ratnapura

Facts About Ratnapura

  1. Ratnapura city is located in the A4 Highway which connects capital Colombo to Kalmunai in the Eastern Province.
  2. Ratnapura features a tropical rainforest climate under the Köppen climate classification.
  3. The name ‘Ratnapura’ is a Sanskrit word meaning “city of gems”, from the Sanskrit words Pura (town) and Ratna (gemstone).
  4. Ratnapura is a major city in Sri Lanka, It is the capital city of Sabaragamuwa Province, as well as the Ratnapura District.
  5. The estimated Population of Ratnapura is 52,170.
  6. Ratnapura is a traditional centre for the Sri Lankan gem trade.
  7. Ratnapura is also spelt as Rathnapura.
  8. Ratnapura is the starting point for the ‘classic’ or hard route up Adam’s Peak, via the Gilimale and Carney Estates.
  9. Ratnapura is also known for the production of rice and fruit.
  10. In 2019, Ranapure Hospital was upgraded as a teaching Hospital with the establishment of medical faculty at Sabaragamuwa University.
Facts About Ratnapura
Facts About Ratnapura