10 Interesting Facts About Rēzekne

Facts About Rēzekne

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Facts About Rēzekne

  1. Rēzekne is a city in the Rēzekne River valley in Latgale region of eastern Latvia.
  2. Rēzekne is known as ‘The Heart of Latgale’.
  3. In Latgalian name of the city is Rēzne.
  4. The name Rēzekne was first documented in 1285.
  5. Rēzekne is twinned with: Arendal, Norway; Braslaw, Belarus; Częstochowa, Poland; Dmitrov, Russia; Gabrovo, Bulgaria; Krychaw, Belarus; Ostrov, Russia; Pskov, Russia; Sebezh, Russia; Sianów, Poland; Smilgiai, Lithuania; Soroca, Moldova; Utena, Lithuania & Vitebsk, Belarus.
  6. The first congress of the Latgale region was held in Rēzekne in spring 1917, during World War I. Following the independence of Latvia in 1918, the city became its cultural centre.
  7. Rēzekne is the 7th largest city in Latvia.
  8. One of the most famous statues in Latvia, known as “Latgales Māra”, is found in Rēzekne. It was designed by Leons Tomašickis and first unveiled on September 8, 1939.
  9. The multifunctional culture centre “Gors” (The Embassy of Latgale) was opened in 2013.
  10. The Catholic Cathedral “Vissvētā Jēzus Sirds”, built between 1893 and1914, dominates Rēzekne’s skyline looking from the castle hill.


Facts About Rēzekne
Interesting Facts About Rēzekne
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