10 Interesting Facts About Rogers, Arkansas

Facts About Rogers, Arkansas

Facts About Rogers

  1. Rogers was named after Captain Charles W. Rogers, who was vice president and general manager of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway, also known as the Frisco.
  2. Rogers has a total area of 33.6 square miles of which 33.5 square miles is land and 0.1 square miles is water.
  3. The estimated population of Rogers is 72,999, as of 2022, making it the sixth most populous city in Arkansas.
  4. Rogers was established on the 6th of July 1881, when the Frisco line arrived in the region.
  5. Rogers has a diverse economy with significant contributions from retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology sectors.
  6. The first store was opened in Rogers by the Stroud family; Allen B. Stroud and his son in 1879 later Allen Stroud built the first brick building located at 114 – 116 Walnut Street.
  7. Rogers has experienced significant economic growth in recent years, fueled by the expansion of retail and corporate sectors, as well as the overall growth of Northwest Arkansas as a major economic hub in the United States.
  8. In 1962, the inaugural Walmart Inc. store was opened by Sam Walton in Rogers. Presently, a substantial portion of the local populace is employed by Walmart Inc. or affiliated vendors, which have established offices across northwest Arkansas.
  9. Established in 1881, the Rogers Police Department has been serving the community for over a century. As of 2022, it boasts a workforce comprising 120 sworn officers and 41 civilian employees.
  10. Rogers has two shopping malls: Frisco Station Mall and Pinnacle Hills Promenade.
Facts About Rogers, Arkansas