10 Interesting Facts About Schaan

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Facts About Schaan:

  1. Schaan is the largest municipality of Liechtenstein by population.
  2. Schaan has four enclaves, two of which belong to Vaduz and Planken.
  3. Schaan is the northernmost municipality in the Liechtenstein Oberland.
  4. The Population of Schaan is 6,039, as of 2017.
  5. Schaan covers an area of 26.8 km2, including mountains and forests.
  6. Notable people of Schaan: Maria Linden, Gerta Keller, Roman Hermann, Paul Frommelt, Peter Jehle & Ivan Quintans.
  7. Archaeological finds have shown that Schaan has been inhabited for over 6000 years, In the year 15 BC.
  8. The elevation of Schaan is 450 m.
  9. Ivoclar Vivadent AG and Hilti Corporation built their headquarters in Schaan.
  10. The official name of Schaan is Gemeinde Schaan.

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