10 Interesting Facts About Sherbrooke

Facts About Sherbrooke

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Facts About Sherbrooke

  • Sherbrooke is the sixth-largest city in the province and the thirtieth largest in Canada.
  • Sherbrooke is the primary economic, political, cultural and institutional centre of Estrie, and was known as the Queen of the Eastern Townships at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Sherbrooke is a city in southern Quebec, Canada.
  • The Sherbrooke region is surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes.
  • The First Nations were the first inhabitants, having originally settled the region between 8,000 and 3,000 years ago.
  • Sherbrooke is situated at the confluence of the Saint-François and Magog rivers in the heart of the Estrie administrative region.
  • The Estimated Population of Sherbrooke is 167,162.
  • The highest temperature ever recorded in Sherbrooke was 36.7 °C on 1 & 2 July 1931. The coldest temperature ever recorded was −41.2 °C on 15 January 2004.
  • Originally known as Hyatt’s Mill, it was renamed after Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, a British general who was Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, and Governor-General of British North America; the family is named after Shirebrook, Derbyshire.
  • Sherbrooke is the seat of the judicial district of Saint-François.
Facts About Sherbrooke
Facts About Sherbrooke
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