10 Interesting Facts About Tatabánya

Interesting Facts About Tatabánya

Facts About Tatabánya

  • Tatabánya is a city in northwestern Hungary, in the Central Transdanubian region. It is the capital of Komárom-Esztergom County.
  • Archaeological findings prove that humans have been living here since the Stone Age.
  • Tatabánya was first mentioned in 1288.
  • Tatabánya is twinned with: Aalen, Germany; Będzin, Poland; Christchurch, United Kingdom; Fairfield, Connecticut; United States; Pyjterfolvo, Ukraine; Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania & Izhevsk, Russia.
  • The Estimated Population of Tatabánya is 65,849.
  • Founded in 1910, Tatabánya has a football team called FC Tatabánya.
  • Tatabánya is currently divided into the following 7 districts: Alsógalla, Sárberek, Újváros, Bánhida, Kertváros, Dózsakert, Felsőgalla & Óváros.
  • Tatabánya is 167 m above sea level.
  • One of Tatabánya’s most prominent residents is József Kiprich, formally known as “the Wizard from Tatabánya”.
  • Tatabánya maintains partnerships with the following towns: Arad, Romania; Hoogezand-Sappemeer, Netherlands; Nové Zámky, Slovakia; Saint-Ghislain, Belgium & Saint-Lô, France.
Interesting Facts About Tatabánya
Interesting Facts About Tatabánya