10 Interesting Facts About Thane

Interesting Facts About Thane

Facts About Thane

  1. Thane is a metropolitan city in Maharashtra, India. It is situated in the north-eastern portion of the Salsette Island.
  2. Thane still houses Two Indian Airforce Bases in the city.
  3. The city is an immediate neighbour of Mumbai city and a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.
  4. The word ‘Thane’ is derived from the local Marathi word “ठाणे” meaning “Police Check Post”. Thane was the next Major British Police Check Post after Mumbai.
  5. As of 2019, Wadala and Thane are being connected through a Metro line.
  6. The city is colloquially known as the “City of Lakes”, given the 30 scenic lakes located within the bounds of the city and district.
  7. A copper plate dating to AD 1078 was discovered near the foundations of Thane Fort in 1787. A land grant from Arikesara Devaraja, lord of Tagara.
  8. The dominant language spoken in Thane is Marathi. Some of the East Indian families in the Khatri ward of Thane still speak Portuguese.
  9. The estimated Population of Thane is 18 million, as of 2020.
  10. Thane has a tropical monsoon climate that borders on a tropical wet and dry climate. Temperature varies from 22 °C to 36 °C.
Interesting Facts About Thane
Interesting Facts About Thane