10 Interesting Facts About Thompson, Manitoba


Facts About Thompson Manitoba

Facts About Thompson

  • Thompson is the largest city in the Northern Region of Manitoba.
  • Thompson was incorporated as a town in 1967 on Canada’s Centennial Anniversary.
  • Thompson is known as the “Hub of the North”.
  • Thompson covers an area of 20.79 square kilometres and is located on the Precambrian Canadian Shield.
  • Thompson was originally founded in 1956 as a mining town.
  • In 1970 Thompson gained city status in the royal presence of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The Estimated Population of Thompson is 13,678.
  • The city is surrounded by boreal forest and bordered on the west and north by the Burntwood River.
  • The median age in Thompson is 30.8 years old, significantly below Canada’s median age of 41.0.
  • “Thompson” is a song by Les Surveillantes, found on their album titled La racine carrée du coeur.


Facts About Thompson Manitoba
Facts About Thompson Manitoba