10 Interesting Facts About Trincomalee

Facts About Trincomalee

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Facts About Trincomalee

  1. The Trincomalee has developed from a village settlement on the promontory dedicated to the Hindu shrine.
  2. The recorded history of Trincomalee spans more than two and a half thousand years, beginning with the civilian settlement associated with the Koneswaram temple in the pre-modern era.
  3. The estimated population of Trincomalee is 99,135.
  4. The origin of the term Ko, Kone and Konatha lie in the Old Tamil word for the terms “Lord”, “King” or “Chief”, which allude to the deity that presides here; this term appears in several Tamil Brahmi inscriptions of the 6th century BCE 2nd century CE.
  5. German broadcaster Deutsche Welle operated a shortwave and mediumwave relay station in Trincomalee, which was handed over to the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation in 2013.
  6. Trincomalee also is known as Gokanna/Gokarna, is the administrative headquarters of the Trincomalee District.
  7. Trincomalee city is home to the famous Koneswaram temple from where it developed and earned its historic Tamil name Thirukonamalai.
  8. Trincomalee has been one of the main centres of Sri Lankan Tamil language speaking culture on the island for over two millennia.
  9. People from Trincomalee are known as Trincomalians.
  10. The British continued to hold the harbour after Sri Lanka’s independence but relinquished it in 1957.
Facts About Trincomalee
Facts About Trincomalee
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