10 Interesting Facts About Yorkton

Facts About Yorkton

Facts About Yorkton

  • Yorkton was founded in 1882
  • The highest temperature ever recorded in Yorkton was 40.6 °C on 19 July 1941. The coldest temperature ever recorded was −46.1 °C on 20 January 1943.
  • Yorkton was incorporated as a city in 1928.
  • The first settlers to the Yorkton colony were English from Eastern Ontario and Great Britain.
  • Yorkton is a city located in south-eastern Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Film Festivals have been an enduring part of life in Yorkton since the projector spun to life in October 1950.
  • The First Hospital was established in Yorkton in 1902,
  • The Estimated Population of Yorkton is 16,343.
  • Yorkton is located in the physiographic region of the Quill Lake-Yorkton Plain region of the Saskatchewan Plains Region.
  • Yorkton is 500 m above sea level.
Facts About Yorkton
Facts About Yorkton