10 Interesting Facts About Zvolen


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Facts About Zvolen

  1. The oldest written reference to the settlement of Zvolen existing below the castle is from 1243.
  2. Zvolen remained the capital of Zólyom County until the 1760s.
  3. In 1871-1872, two new railways were built and Zvolen became an important railroad hub and important industrial center.
  4. The name Zvolen is of Slovak origin meaning “the chosen one, splendid, excellent”.
  5. Zvolen has been inhabited since the Paleolithic.
  6. The Estimated Population of Zvolen is 42,760.
  7. Zvolen is a town in central Slovakia, situated on the confluence of Hron and Slatina rivers, close to Banská Bystrica.
  8. Zvolen is a member of the Douzelage, a town twinning association of towns across the European Union, also twinned with: Imatra, Finland; Zwoleń, Poland; Prachatice, Czech Republic; Tótkomlós, Hungary & Rivne, Ukraine.
  9. The total area of the Town of Zvolen is 98.727 km2.
  10. In the Rákóczi’s War of Independence, the Kuruc army in the battle of Zvolen defeated the enemy forces from Austria, Denmark, Vojvodina and Hungary.
Facts About Zvolen
Facts About Zvolen