10 Interesting Lake Thun Facts


Facts About Lake Thun:

  1. The lake was created after the last glacial period.

  2. After the 10th century, it split from Lake Brienz, before which the two lakes were combined, as Wendelsee “Lake Wendel”.

  3. Following World War II and up until 1964, the Swiss Government disposed of unused munitions into Lake Thun. The quantity of munitions dumped is reported to be from 3,000 to more than 9,020 tons.

  4. Lake Thun is approximate 2,500 km².

  5. Lake Thun has a max length of 17.5 km and max Width of 3.5 Km.

  6. In 1835, passenger steamships began operating regularly on the lake.

  7. Lake Thun is home to three settlements: Thun, Spiez & Faulensee.

  8. Lake Thun is an Alpine lake in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland.

  9. Types of Fish that can be found in the Lake Thun: Northern pike, Brown trout, Brook trout, Lake trout & Grayling.

  10. Lake Thun has a max depth of 217 m and an average depth of 136 m.