10 Interesting Nesvizh Castle Facts

Interesting Nesvizh Castle Facts

Nesvizh Castle Facts

  1. In 2005 the castle complex was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
  2. The estate was owned by the Radziwiłł magnate family from 1533 when it was awarded to Mikołaj Radziwiłł and his brother Jan Radziwiłł after the extinction of the Kiszka family.
  3. 1919 – 1945 the complex was in Poland and was considered one of the most beautiful castles in the Kresy region.
  4. Nesvizh Castle is a residential castle of the Radziwiłł family in Niasviž, Belarus.
  5. Nesvizh Castle is 183 metres (600 ft) above sea level.
  6. After World War 2 Nesvizh Palace was used as a Sanatorium and the gardens became neglected.
  7. In 1994, the castle complex was designated the national historical and cultural reserve.
  8. In 2002, the upper storey of the residence was destroyed by fire.
  9. The Belarus edition of the Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that a substantial section of the castle, dating from the 18th century, had been entirely demolished on account of “rotten brick”
  10. The foundation stone of Nesvizh Palace was laid in 1584.
Interesting Nesvizh Castle Facts
Interesting Nesvizh Castle Facts