10 Interesting Uppsala Cathedral Facts

Uppsala Cathedral Facts

Uppsala Cathedral Facts

  1. In 1702, many features were destroyed in a major fire. During the renovation work carried out in the 1970s, many of the medieval frescoes which had been whitewashed over after the Reformation were uncovered and restored.
  2. Uppsala Cathedral is a cathedral located between the University Hall of Uppsala University and the Fyris river in the center of Uppsala, Sweden. 
  3. The cathedral dates to the late 13th century and, at a height of 118.7 meters, it is the tallest church in the Nordic countries.
  4. The church was designed in the French Gothic style by French architects including Étienne de Bonneuil.
  5. The twin towers at the west end of the church were first mentioned in 1563.
  6. Several important persons have been buried in Uppsala Cathedral, among them King Gustav Vasa and King Johan III of the 16th century and their queens.
  7. The Treasury is situated in the cathedral’s north tower and houses one of Europe’s finest collections of medieval church fabrics.
  8. Uppsala domkyrka is made of local brick, giving the structure a unique red color that brightens up the landscape in winter and glows with the sunset in summer.
  9. One chapel contains 14th-century murals depicting the legend of St. Erik, the patron saint of Sweden.
  10. The interesting candlestick-sculpture in the nave called the “Tree of the Reconciliation of Man,” was created in 1968 on the occasion of the Fourth General Assembly of the World Council of Churches, held in Uppsala. The sculpture was designed by Olof Hellström and constructed by Folke Mattsson.
Uppsala Cathedral Facts
Uppsala Cathedral Facts