11 Ways to Save Money Travelling


safari 11 Ways to Save Money Travelling

Ways to Save Money Travelling

Shop around: it might be cheaper elsewhere, and most of the time, it is always cheaper somewhere else.

Be flexible with dates: You might not want to travel on some days because its not ideal to you but by being more flexible, you can possible say yourself a lot of money. £$€

Some cultures bartering is normal, so when it is, do it, save yourself some money, even if its a little bit.

Some banks offer free travel insurance, take this offer, you will save a lot of money, why not bank and be covered at the same time.

Transport, public transport is always cheaper then taxi’s and when its a short distance walk, its even healthy for you, for example don’t get a taxi from the airport to your Accommodation.

Don’t over indulge on food and drinks, most people thing travelling is the time you allowed to eat as much as you like and what you like, cut down, want a burger why pay more, when you can go to cheaper place and eat there, always look for a bargain even when eating.

Travel with minimal luggage, you don’t need three/four luggage just for few days or weeks holiday, take the bare minimal you don’t want to be paying them flight prices per kilo, it becomes expensive.

On flights, don’t buy anything extra, it’s a waste of money, bring food and drinks with you.

Do your research, before you set off or book, make sure you have the cheapest option from accommodation to flights to transport, make sure you getting a good offer as well

Activities can be expensive such as rides, events, shows keep an eye on where their are deals, and look for free activities to do, going museums rather going to the paid enter one go to the free one.

Travel out of season days, its two to three times cheaper then going in season, travel agencies always bump up prices during peak season.

What are your ways to save money? suggest your favorite ones ?