15 Interesting Facts About Bratislava

Facts About Bratislava

Facts About Bratislava

  1. In 2017, Bratislava was ranked as the third richest region of the European Union by GDP.
  2. Bratislava receives around 1 million tourists every year.
  3. The city received its contemporary name in 1919.
  4. The first known permanent settlement of the area began with the Linear Pottery Culture, around 5000 BC in the Neolithic era.
  5. In 1993, the city became the capital of the newly formed Slovak Republic following the Velvet Divorce.
  6. People who have received the honorary citizenship of Bratislava are Václav Havel & Roy Martin Umbarger.
  7. Bratislava has a total area of 367.58 square kilometres (141.9 sq mi).
  8. Bratislava average altitude is 140 metres (460 ft).
  9. Nicknames for Bratislava include Little Big City and Beauty on the Danube.
  10. On March 27, 1919, the name Bratislava was officially adopted for the first time to replace the previous Slovak name Prešporok.
  11. Bratislava and Vienna are the closest two capitals in Europe, only 60km far away from each other.
  12. Bratislava is the seat of the national government, the presidency, and the parliament.
  13. Bratislava is divided into 5 national districts.
  14. Bratislava is the world’s only national capital that shares its city borders with two independent countries.
  15. Bratislava is twinned with Yerevan, Armenia; Vienna, Austria; Ruse, Bulgaria; Larnaka, Cyprus; Prague, Czech Republic; Alexandria, Egypt; Turku, Finland; Bremen, Germany; Ulm, Germany; Thessaloniki, Greece; Székesfehérvár, Hungary; Perugia, Italy; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Kraków, Poland; Ljubljana, Slovenia; İzmir, Turkey; Kyiv, Ukraine & Cleveland, USA.
Facts About Bratislava
Facts About Bratislava