15 Interesting Facts About Martin, Slovakia


Facts About Martin, Slovakia

Facts About Martin

  1. Martin lies at an altitude of 395 metres (1,296 ft) above sea level.
  2. The city of Martin won the United Nations Public Service Award in 2011 in the category: Preventing and Combating Corruption in the Public Service.
  3. The first recorded reference to Martin in written sources is dated to 1284 under the name of Vila Sancti Martini.
  4. Martin is the ninth-largest city in Slovakia.
  5. National Council of the Slovak Republic declared the city of Martin the centre of the national culture of the Slovaks on August 24, 1994.
  6. The Estimated Population of Martin is 54,618.
  7. Martin is surrounded by Malá Fatra and Veľká Fatra mountains.
  8. In 1340, King Charles Robert granted the town the respective rights and the community became natural centre of Turčianske Valley, along Turiec-river, enclosed from both parts with afforested massifs of Small Fatra and Great Fatra Mountains.
  9. Martin is the seat of the Slovak National Library and Slovak Matica.
  10. Martin is a city in northern Slovakia, situated on the Turiec river, between the Malá Fatra and Veľká Fatra mountains.
  11. Martin covers an area of 67.74 square kilometres (26.2 sq mi).
  12. Martin lies in the north temperate zone and has a continental climate with four distinct seasons.
  13. Martin is twinned with: Bački Petrovac, Serbia; Békéscsaba, Hungary; Fargo, United States; Gotha, Germany; Hoogeveen, Netherlands; Jičín, Czech Republic; Kalisz, Poland & Zheleznodorozhny, Russia.
  14. Martin is home to the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, which is one of three medical schools in Slovakia.
  15. Martin Average annual temperature is around 7 °C (45 °F) and average annual rainfall is 750–860 mm.
Facts About Martin, Slovakia
Facts About Martin, Slovakia