15 Interesting Facts About San Bernardino

Facts About San Bernardino

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Facts About San Bernardino

  • San Bernardino is a city located in the Inland Empire region of Southern California.
  • The city has been named after the British industrial city of Birmingham and was a way of promoting its destiny as a booming industrial centre in the United States.
  • San Bernardino spans 81 square miles on the floor of the San Bernardino Valley to the south of the San Bernardino Mountains.
  • The estimated population of San Bernardino is 222,101, as of 2020, making it the 17th-largest city in California.
  • The Rolling Stones Played Their First U.S. Concert in San Bernardino.
  • The governments of Guatemala and Mexico have established consulates in the downtown area of the city.
  • In 1905, the city of San Bernardino passed its first charter.
  • The city of San Bernardino, California, occupies much of the San Bernardino Valley, which indigenous tribespeople originally referred to as “The Valley of the Cupped Hand of God”.
  • The city has a total area of 59.6 square miles, of which 59.2 square miles is land and 0.4 square miles is water.
  • The elevation of San Bernardino is 1,053 ft above sea level.
  • San Bernardino is twinned with the following sister cities: Centro, Mexico; Goyang, South Korea; Herzliya, Israel; Ifẹ, Nigeria; Kigali, Rwanda; Mexicali, Mexico; Roxas, Philippines; Tachikawa, Japan; Tauranga, New Zealand; Yushu, China & Zavolzhye, Russia.
  • San Bernardino Is Bigger Than Switzerland.
  • San Bernardino was incorporated as a city in 1854 and again in 1886.
  • The First McDonald’s to ever open was in San Bernardino.
  • The largest earthquakes in the 1990s in California started in San Bernardino.


Facts About San Bernardino
Facts About San Bernardino
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