20 Best Countries To Travel For English Speakers

world map large 20 Best Countries To Travel For English Speakers

Travelling around the world can bring a lot of challenges, language barriers is one of the biggest problems, however EF Educations First have ranked 72 countries by English proficiency and have stated which are the top 20 countries, where English will travel the best.

English has also been the international language for pilots, air traffic controllers and airlines across the world. Pilots, Flight attendants and other customer facing staff have been in English training programs.

Ranked 20th is: Romania

transylvania-romaniaSimilar travel destinations: Chile ranked 42 and Panama ranked 50th.

Ranked 18th is: Hungary


Similar travel destinations: Romania ranked 20th and Bulgaria ranked 24th.

Ranked 17th is: Serbia


Similar travel destinations: Russia ranked 34th and Kazakhstan ranked 54th.

Ranked 16th is: Czech Republic 


Similar travel destinations:Hungary ranked 18th and Bosnia &Herzegovina ranked 26th.

Ranked 15th is: Portugal


Similar travel destinations: Spain ranked 25th and Brazil ranked 40th.

Ranked 14th is: Switzerland


Similar travel destinations: Germany ranked 9th and France ranked 29th.

Ranked 13th is: Philippines


Similar travel destinations: India ranked 22th and Thailand ranked 56th.

Ranked 12th is: Malaysia


Similar travel destinations: Indonesia ranked 32 and China ranked 39th.

Ranked 11th is: Belgium


Similar travel destinations: Switzerland ranked 14 and France ranked 29.

Ranked 10th is: Poland


Similar travel destinations: Slovakia ranked 21 and Ukraine ranked 41.

Ranked 9 is: Germany


Similar travel destinations: Italy ranked 28 and Russia ranked 34.

Ranked 8 is: Austria


Similar travel destinations: Netherlands ranked 1 and Switzerland ranked 14.

Ranked 7 is: Luxembourg


Similar travel destinations: Germany ranked 9 and France ranked 29.

Ranked 6 is: Singapore 


Similar travel destinations: Hong Kong ranked 30 and Japan ranked 35.

Finland, Norway & Sweden Map


Ranked 5 is: Finland

Similar travel destinations: Sweden ranked 3 and Poland ranked 10.

Ranked 4 is: Norway

Similar travel destinations: Luxembourg ranked 7 and Austria ranked 8.

Ranked 3 is: Sweden

Similar travel destinations: Denmark ranked 2 and Germany ranked 9.

Ranked 2 is: Denmark


Similar travel destinations: Sweden ranked 3 and Switzerland ranked 14.

Ranked number 1 is: The Netherlands


Similar travel destinations: Norway ranked 4 and Austria ranked 8.

Watch The Video on the top 20:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHmyqlr4x98&w=560&h=315]

Full List of the World Ranking

  1. Netherlands
  2. Denmark
  3.  Sweden
  4. Norway
  5. Finland
  6.  Singapore
  7. Luxembourg
  8. Austria
  9. Germany
  10. Poland
  11. Belgium
  12. Malaysia
  13. Philippines
  14. Switzerland
  15.  Portugal
  16. Czech Republic
  17. Serbia
  18. Hungary
  19. Argentina
  20. Romania
  21. Slovakia
  22. India
  23. Dominican Republic
  24.  Bulgaria
  25.  Spain
  26. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  27. South Korea
  28. Italy
  29. France
  30. Hong Kong
  31. Vietnam
  32. Indonesia
  33. Taiwan
  34. Russia
  35. Japan
  36. Uruguay
  37. Macau
  38. Costa Rica
  39. China
  40. Brazil
  41. Ukraine
  42. Chile
  43. Mexico
  44. Morocco
  45. Peru
  46. U.A.E.
  47. Ecuador
  48. Pakistan
  49. Colombia
  50. Panama
  51. Turkey
  52. Tunisia
  53. Guatemala
  54. Kazakhstan
  55. Egypt
  56. Thailand
  57. Azerbaijan
  58. Sri Lanka
  59. Qatar
  60. Venezuela
  61. Iran
  62. Jordan
  63. El Salvador
  64. Oman
  65. Kuwait
  66. Mongolia
  67. Algeria
  68. Saudi Arabia
  69. Cambodia
  70. Laos
  71. Libya
  72. Iraq
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