20 Interesting Facts About Billings

Facts About Billings

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Facts About Billings

  1. The city is named after Frederick H. Billings, a former president of the Northern Pacific Railroad from Woodstock, Vermont
  2. Billings was nicknamed the “Magic City” because of its rapid growth from its founding as a railroad town in March 1882. With one of the largest trade areas in the United States
  3. Billings is the trade and distribution centre for much of Montana east of the Continental Divide, Northern Wyoming, and western portions of North Dakota and South Dakota.
  4. Billings serves as a gateway to Yellowstone National Park and the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.
  5. The area where Billings is today was once known as Clarks Fork Bottom.
  6. The City of Billings is the largest city in Montana with a population of 117,415 as of July 1, 2021.
  7. In the AMC series, The Walking Dead, actor Jeff Kober was born in Billings.
  8. The Crow people, who are indigenous to the area, call the city Ammalapáshkuua. It means ‘where they cut wood’, and is named as such because of a sawmill built in the area by early white settlers.
  9. Billings elevation is 3,126 feet above sea level.
  10. The city of Billings has an area of 43.52 square miles, of which, 43.41 square miles is land and 0.11 square miles is water.
  11. Billings is twinned with two sister cities Billings, Hesse, Germany and Kumamoto, Kumamoto Japan.
  12. The snowiest year on record was 2014 with 103.5 inches or 2.63 metres, topping the 1996-97 previous record of 98.9 inches or 2.51 metres.
  13. The tallest building in Billings and Montana as well as a five-state region is the First Interstate Center, which stands at 272 feet.
  14. Billings is also home to the world’s tallest load-bearing brick building, the DoubleTree Tower, which stands 256 feet.
  15. Infamous professional scout and frontierswoman Martha Canary lived in Billings.
  16. Billings is called the “City Beneath the Rimrocks” The Rimrocks, also known as the “Rims” are 300 to 800-foot sandstone formations.
  17. The Lewis and Clark Expedition explored the Billings area in 1806. William Clark arrived at the rock now known as Pompeys Pillar on July 25, 1806.
  18. Billings was founded in 1882 as a railroad town.
  19. Billings is the metropolis of the “Midland Empire,” rangeland and irrigated river valley region producing sugar beets and varied truck crops, wool, and livestock.
  20. The primary coordinate point for Billings is located at latitude 45.7833 and longitude -108.5007.


Facts About Billings
Facts About Billings
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