20 Interesting Facts About Seattle

Interesting Facts About Seattle

Facts About Seattle

  1. Seattle opened one of the first gas stations in the world in 1907 that was at Holgate Street and Western Avenue.
  2. Bertha Knight Landes became the first female mayor in America in 1926.
  3. Seattle is surrounded by two mountain ranges, the Olympic Mountains to the west and the Cascade Mountains to the east.
  4. The average water temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Seattle is located at latitude 47.39’N, longitude 122.17’W, on the eastern shore of Puget Sound.
  6. Seattle was the first city to have police on bicycles.
  7. Harbor Island is the largest man-made island in the country. It’s mainly used for industrial and commercial activities.
  8. The Boeing Company, founded in the Seattle area by William Boeing, was originally a boat company. Mr Boeing was fascinated with flying and aeroplanes.
  9. Seattle is now known as the “Emerald City,” its original nickname was “Queen City.”
  10. The Space Needle was first designed on a cocktail napkin by Edward E. Carlson in 1961 as an inspiration for the 1962 World’s Fair.
  11. The name Seattle comes from Chief Seattle, or Chief Si’ahl, who was a prominent Native American leader.
  12. a sawmill operator named Henry Yesler became the first Seattleite to amass a fortune worth more than a million. Yesler also served as Seattle’s 7th and 15th mayor.
  13. Opening in 1907, Pike Place Market is the oldest continuously operating farmer’s market in the country.
  14. The highest point in Seattle is 520 meters (520 feet) above sea level and the lowest point is the sea level.
  15. George Vancouver was the first European to visit the Seattle area in May 1792 during his 1791-95 expedition to chart the Pacific Northwest.
  16. From 1869 until 1982, Seattle was known as the “Queen City.”
  17. The city has two official slogans or mottos: “The City of Flowers“, meant to encourage the planting of flowers to beautify the city, and “The City of Goodwill”, adopted prior to the 1990 Goodwill Games.
  18. Seattle is a derivative of the Indian name “Sealth.” Sealth was a chief of the Suquamish tribe at the time the first white settlers arrived in 1851.
  19. Seattle is home to the World’s Longest Floating Bridge, At 2,285m long.
  20. Seattle is ranked the most literate city in the country, with the highest percentage of residents with a college degree or higher.


Interesting Facts About Seattle
Interesting Facts About Seattle