20 Interesting Facts About Wichita

Facts About Wichita

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Facts About Wichita

  1. Wichita began as a trading post on the Chisholm Trail in the 1860s and was incorporated as a city in 1870.
  2. The city lies on the Arkansas River near the western edge of the Flint Hills in the Wellington-McPherson Lowlands region of the Great Plains.
  3. One of the most iconic symbols of Wichita is the Keeper of the Plains. situated at the confluence of the Little Arkansas River and the Arkansas River, this 44-foot-tall steel sculpture was designed by Kiowa-Comanche artist Blackbear Bosin and erected in 1974.
  4. Wichita State University was founded on 11th September 1895 and is the third-largest post-secondary institution in the state.
  5. The estimated population of Wichita is 390,566 and The Wichita metro area had a population of 647,610, as of 2020.
  6. Wichita is known as the “Air Capital of the World.”, in World War II, 44 per cent of the primary trainer planes that were flown by the American army and navy pilots were created by Boeing Wichita.
  7. The first site of African Americans at a white lunch counter was in Wichita.
  8. Wichita is twinned with the following sister cities Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico; Orléans, Loiret, France; Kaifeng, Henan, China & Tlalnepantla de Baz, State of Mexico
  9. Wichita is the birthplace of Pizza Hut and White Castle fast-food chains.
  10. The Jones Automobile Company was based in Wichita and today the only Jones vehicle is on display at this location.
  11. The first swept-wing jet bomber to have ever been made in Wichita was built there in 1952.
  12. The first electric guitar was played at the Shadowland Ballroom in Wichita by Wichitan Gage Brewer in 1932.
  13. Actress Kirstie Alley, best known for her role as Rebecca Howe in “Cheers,” was born in Wichita on Jan. 12, 1951.
  14. The air quality index in Wichita is 21% better than the national average & Pollution index is 95% better than the national average.
  15. entry McCarty lived in Wichita with his mother and brother for about a year in 1870. On July 21, 1870, 124 people signed a petition to incorporate Wichita. There was only one female on that list: Henry’s mother, Catherine McCarty, aka Billy the Kid’s mom.
  16. The Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita is the seventh largest zoo in the country, Covering 247 acres.
  17. The Average annual rainfall of Wichita is 28.61 inches and the Average annual snowfall: is 15 inches
  18. Wichita, self-name Kitikiti’sh, North American Indian people of Caddoan linguistic stock who originally lived near the Arkansas River in what is now the state of Kansas.
  19. The average commute time in Wichita is about 19 minutes, which is 25% less than the national average.
  20. The Wichita River Festival has been held in the Downtown and Old Town areas of the city since 1972.
Facts About Wichita
Facts About Wichita

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