20 Unique Facts About Bordeaux


Facts About Bordeaux

  1. Bordeaux is located close to the European Atlantic coast, in the southwest of France and in the north of the Aquitaine region.

  2. one of Bordeaux’s nicknames is La Belle Endormie, which means Sleeping Beauty.

  3. Bordeaux’s climate is usually classified as an oceanic climate.

  4. The region is home to the largest estuary in Europe, the Gironde estuary.

  5. Bordeaux is home to the longest shopping strip in Europe, Rue Sainte Catherine. Measuring 1.2 kilometers long.

  6. There are no skyscrapers in Bordeaux.

  7. Bordeaux is classified as “City of Art and History”.

  8. Bordeaux is a major center for business in France as it has the fifth-largest metropolitan population in France.

  9. Bordeaux is twinned with: Bristol, United Kingdom; Lima, Peru; Quebec City, Canada; Porto, Portugal; Los Angeles, United States; Munich, Germany; Ashdod, Israel; Fukuoka, Japan; Bilbao, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Casablanca, Morocco; Wuhan, China; Zahlé, Lebanon & Oran, Algeria

  10. The city and port of Bordeaux were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

  11. Producing 900 million bottles of wine annually from approximately 250,000 acres of vineyard, Bordeaux is France’s largest appellation.

  12. Male inhabitants are called Bordelais & Female citizens are called Bordelaise.

  13. Bordeaux is in partnerships with Samsun, Turkey; Riga, Latvia; Kraków, Poland & Saint Petersburg, Russia.

  14. Europe’s longest-span vertical-lift bridge, the Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas, was opened in 2013 in Bordeaux.

  15. The city is home to 362 monuments historiques, only beaten by Paris, with some buildings dating back to Roman times.

  16. Bordeaux is the capital of five cantons and the Prefecture of the Gironde and Aquitaine.

  17. Bordeaux has the highest number of preserved historical buildings of any city in France.

  18. Bordeaux has a population of 252,040, as of 2016.

  19. Around 567 BC the region was the settlement of a Celtic tribe, the Bituriges Vivisci, who named the town Burdigala.

  20. Since 1947, there have been 4 mayors of Bordeaux: 1947–1995 Jacques Chaban-Delmas; 1995–2004 Alain Juppé; 2004–2006 Hugues Martin; 2006–2019 Alain Juppé & 2019–present Nicolas Florian.