25 Problems with living in Paris


wordpress blog post image 4 25 Problems with living in Paris

Anyone who hasn’t been to Paris might think of the city as romantic, cultural and have amazing fashion however this might not be the case for the locals, who find a lot of problems with the city, outside of its Stereotype, If you have visited Paris, you will know that most of the things on the list are true.

  1. Over Priced cocktails & Beers.
  2. Smells like urine.
  3. Public transportation strikes.
  4. Bad coffee but I give them the fact that they have amazing pastries.
  5. The size of apartments, but also overpriced.
  6. Having to bike across the Champs-Élysées in rush hour traffic.

7. Tourists think Paris is what it looks like on postcards.
8. Pickpockets.
9. During the August Month all shops are pretty much closed and as a local who hasn’t left on holiday you can’t get nothing done.
10. Everyone looks angry, all the time.
11. Bike lanes and sidewalks are used as car parking.
12. This is usually for people who live outside of the EU; but when you try to buy a train ticket from an automated machine because you don’t have a European Credit Card.
13. Lots of Rats and mice scurrying in the Metro like they own the place.
14. Confusing business hours, lots of places close between 12-2 among other things.
15. Lack of personal space.
16. You can only have so much of pastries, but they are everywhere.
17. Using the street as a trash can.
18. expensive neighborhood, even overprice on cheap beers.
19. Public toilets you have to pay for.


  1. That moment when you order a cheese platter and you realize it’s all from the supermarket.
  2. When you order a cheese platter but it’s the cheap stuff from the supermarket just overpriced .
  3. Living on the 7th floor and not having an elevator.
  4. being asked for exact change.
  5. Having to awkwardly explain your medical condition to the pharmacist.
  6. The pigeons are everywhere.