30 Interesting Facts About Kazan, Russia


30 Interesting Facts About Kazan

Fun and Interesting Facts About Kazan, Russia

  1. Kazan is one of 15 Russian cities with the population of more than 1 million and the sixth most populous city in Russia.

  2. In April 2009, the Russian Patent Office granted Kazan the right to brand itself as the “Third Capital” of Russia”.

  3. Kazan is the “Sports Capital of Russia”.

  4. In 1438, Kazan was declared the capital of the Kazan Khanate.

  5. Russia under Ivan the Terrible conquered the city in 1552.

  6. Kazan has its own Kremlin, known as The Kazan Kremlin.  The Kazan Kremlin is a World Heritage Site, since 2000.

  7. The Volga is Europe’s longest river, the river flows through the city of Kazan.

  8. The Republic of Tatarstan has two official languages: Russian and Tatarian.

  9. The traditional understanding is that the name comes from the Turkic and Volga Tatar word Qazan, meaning “kettle.”

  10. Kazan is divided into seven districts: Aviastroitelny, Vakhitovsky, Kirovsky, Moskovsky, Novo-Savinovsky, Privolzhsky and Sovetsky.

  11. The city’s population consists of 48.7% of Ethnic Russians,  46.6 % of ethnic Tatars and 4.7 of other ethnicities.

  12. Kazan metro was opened in 2005.

  13. The underground train system is comprised of only one line which runs through 10 stops.

  14. During the Winter months, Pneumocushion boats are used for crossing the Volga River.

  15. The National dessert of Tatarstan and the city of Kazan is the Chak-Chak.

  16. The Qolşärif Mosque was the biggest mosque in Europe during the 16th century, However, In 1552 Ivan the Terrible destroyed the mosque. The restoration on the Mosque began in 1996 and Completed in 2005.

  17. Kazan was used as a gateway between East Russia and Siberia, Becoming a major city for trading and manufacturing.

  18. Kazan was founded in the late 13th century by the Mongols, Tatars, of the Golden Horde after their overthrow of the Bulgar kingdom on the middle Volga.

  19. Kazan is one of the oldest cities in Russia, founded in 1005.

  20. Kazan Federal University is the second oldest university in the Russian Federation. Founded in 1804.

  21. Kazan has 34 state museums, several public and private galleries.

  22. The largest museum in the city is the National Museum of Tatarstan Republic, founded in 1894.

  23. The Tallest skyscraper in Kazan is the Lazurniye Nebesa, 122 meters.

  24. FIFA World Cup 2018 is hosted in Russia, 6 matches will be played in Kazan.

  25. The city has the municipal status of Kazan Urban Okrug.

  26. Kazan is twinned with: Al Qalyubiyah, Egypt; Al Minufiyah, Egypt; Antalya Turkey; Astana, Kazakhstan; Braunschweig, Germany; College Station, Texas, United States; Donetsk, Ukraine; Eskişehir, Turkey; Hangzhou, China; Istanbul, Turkey; Tabriz, Iran; Harare, Zimbabwe; Shenzhen, China; Guangzhou, China and Ankara, Turkey.

  27.  In 2015 Kazan held the 16th FINA World Aquatics Championships.

  28. The city area is 515.8 km² or 164.2 sq mi.

  29. Kazan was visited by 2.1 million tourists in 2015.

  30. Kazan peacefully blends Muslim and Christian cultures.


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30 Interesting Facts About Kazan