6 Informative Facts About Haga, Gothenburg

Facts About Haga, Gothenburg

Facts About Haga

  1. Haga is a city district in Gothenburg, Sweden, renowned for its picturesque wooden houses, 19th century-atmosphere, and cafés.
  2. Haga has a population of about 4,000 people, as of 2016.
  3. Originally a working-class suburb of the city with a rather bad reputation, it was gradually transformed into a popular visiting place for tourists and Gothenburg.
  4. The district was first established in the mid-17th century by Queen Kristina, making it Gothenburg’s first suburb.
  5. A redevelopment plan was drawn up in 1962 for Gothenburg, which again included the demolition of buildings in the district.
  6. In the 1920s, after the extensive expansion of the district, the population of the area began a decline. Many public works in the area were closed and it became a primarily residential area.
Facts About Haga, Gothenburg
Facts About Haga, Gothenburg

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