6 Interesting Facts About Aizpute

Facts About Aizpute

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Facts About Aizpute

  1. Aizpute is a town in western Latvia’s Aizpute Municipality in the valley of Tebra River.
  2. The territory of modern Aizpute was inhabited by ancient Curonians since the 9th century.
  3. Bishop of Courland Otto granted Magdeburg rights to Aizpute in 1378.
  4. Aizpute is twinned with: Schwerzenbach, Switzerland & Karlskrona, Sweden.
  5. Aizpute received town rights since 1378.
  6. The Population of Aizpute is 4,073, as of 2019.
Facts About Aizpute
Facts About Aizpute
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