7 Interesting Facts About Dobele

Facts About Dobele

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Facts About Dobele

  1. In a german document from 1254, a place name Dubelene or Dubelone has been used. Later the names Doblene, Doblenen and Doblen also have been used for this inhabited location. The original place name can be reconstructed as Dobelene or Dobeliene, but its origins are linked to the place name duobe.
  2. Dobele is first mentioned in historical sources in 1254.
  3. Latvians make up 75.5% of the population while Russians, at 14%, are a significant minority. Other groups include Belarusians – 3.3%, Lithuanians – 2.3%, Ukrainians -1.8%, Poles – 1.5%, and 1.6% are of other nationalities.
  4. Dobele is twinned with: Naujoji Akmenė, Lithuania; Ängelholm, Sweden; Joniškis, Lithuania; Konin, Poland; Schmölln, Germany; Altenburg, Germany; Tapa, Estonia; Tukums, Latvia; Ulricehamn, Sweden & Bryansk, Russia.
  5. Debele is a town in the cultural region Zemgale in Latvia and is located near the centre of Latvia on the banks of the river Bērze.
  6. Debele received town rights in 1917 whilst being a part of the German-occupied Courland Governorate during the First World War.
  7. The Population of Debele is 8,995, as of 2019.
Facts About Dobele
Interesting Facts About Dobele
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