8 Interesting Facts About Mariefred

Facts About Mariefred

Facts About Mariefred

  1. Swedish pop and jazz singer Lisa Ekdahl was raised in Mariefred.
  2. Mariefred is a locality situated in Strängnäs Municipality, Södermanland County.
  3. Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren has a summer home in Mariefred, Kalkudden
  4. Mikael Samuelsson, a former professional ice hockey player in the NHL, was born in Mariefred. Samuelsson is a member of the exclusive Triple Gold Club, having won the Stanley Cup, Olympics, and World Championship.
  5. The name is derived from that of the former Carthusian monastery here, Mariefred Charterhouse, and means “Peace of Mary”.
  6. The National Portrait Gallery at the Gripsholm Castle in Mariefred is a collection of portraits of prominent Swedes.
  7. The Royal Gripsholm Castle is located right in the heart of Mariefred. It has been in the Swedish royal family since the Gustav Vasa days and still acted as a residence up to the 18th century.
  8. The Estimated population of Mariefred is 4,269, as of 2019.
Facts About Mariefred
Facts About Mariefred