8 Interesting Facts About Myadzyel

Facts About Myadzyel

Facts About Myadzyel

  1. Myadzyel is a city in the Minsk Region of Belarus.
  2. Myadzyel is located on the eastern shore of lake Miastra, one of the Narach lake group in Narachanski National Park.
  3. On February 8, 1659, the Battle of Myadel occurred near Myadzyel.
  4. In 1793, Myadzyel was acquired by the Russian Empire in the course of the Second Partition of Poland.
  5. In September 1939, the town was occupied by the Red Army and, on 14 November 1939, incorporated into the Byelorussian SSR.
  6. Myadzyel is the administrative centre of Myadzyel district.
  7. Myadzyel geographical coordinates are 54° 52′ 7″ North, 26° 56′ 14″ East.
  8. From 2 July 1941 until 4 July 1944, Myadzyel was occupied by Nazi Germany and administered as a part of the Generalbezirk Weißruthenien of Reichskommissariat Ostland.
Facts About Myadzyel
Interesting Facts About Myadzyel