8 Interesting Facts About Salaspils

Facts About Salaspils

Facts About Salaspils

  1. Salaspils is twinned with: Finspång, Sweden; Finsterwalde, Germany & Wieliszew, Poland.
  2. Salaspils Received its town rights in 1993.
  3. Salaspils is a town in Latvia, the administrative centre of Salaspils Municipality.
  4. Salaspils is one of the oldest settlements in Latvia. Archaeological excavations of 1964–1975 in ancient settlements, burial grounds and castle mounds give evidence of very dense population of the region.
  5. The Population of Salaspils is 18,011, as of 2019.
  6. The Nazis established the largest civilian concentration camp in the Baltic states 2 km outside of the town, now known as Salaspils camp.
  7. The National Botanic Garden of Latvia occupies circa 130 ha in the northern part of Salaspils. The National Botanical Garden is famous for having the richest plant collection in the Baltic States.
  8. Notable people born in Salaspils include Acco, Arvīds Ulme, Vilhelms Taurītis, Raitis Ivanāns, Raimonds Nikoluškins, Rudīte Ķikuste, Olga Immermanis, Werner Robert Waldhauer, Maksimilāns Robežgruntnieks, Xaver Marnitz, Johnyboy.
Facts About Salaspils
Facts About Salaspils