8 Wonderful Facts About Norrköping

Wonderful Facts About Norrköping

Facts About Norrköping

  1. Norrköping is a city in the county of Östergötland in Sweden. It is the seat of the Norrköping Municipality.
  2. The city has medieval foundations by settlers around the Motala stream estuary, who used the falls and rapids to power their mills.
  3. The city is situated by the mouth of the river Motala ström, at Bråviken, an inlet of the Baltic Sea.
  4. The first trace of the city’s name is from 1283 when Sophia of Denmark donated her rights of salmon fishing to the Skänninge monastery.
  5. The town is estimated to have received city status in the early 14th century, although no written documents exist prior to a document from 1384. This document, signed by Albrekt of Sweden is stored in the city archive today.
  6. As of 2002, Norrköping is now seeing a revival, as a center of culture and education. The Norrköping symbol represents the “new” Norrköping.
  7. The city was the location of several battles in the ensuing centuries. As a consequence, nothing of the medieval Norrköping remains today. During the Northern Seven Years’ War (1563–1570), the entire southern part of Norrköping was burnt. It was rebuilt by John III of Sweden, who designed the current street pattern.
  8. The Population of is Norrköping 137,326, as of 2016.
Facts About Norrköping
Facts About Norrköping