Aberdeen Coat of arms and Flag

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Aberdeen Coat of arms and flag

Aberdeen Coat of Arms

Aberdeen coat of arms

The coat of arms consists of three towers within a border, which are decorated with Fleur-de-lis, the three castle represent the three buildings that stood on the three hills of medieval Aberdeen, known as the Aberdeen Castle on the Castle Hill, the City gates on the Port Hill and a Chapel on St Catherine’s Hill. However only the Aberdeen Castle stands today and St Catherine’s Hill was levelled out.

There are two supporter leopards, one on each side, with their faces, facing towards the viewer, According to the Legends, the two beasts were granted by James I as a gesture of thanks to the burgh for underwriting his expenses while he was help captive in England.

The Motto on the coat of arms “Bon Accord”, means “Good Agreement” In French, It is said that its use dates back to the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 14th Century, When Robert the Bruce and his Soldiers laid siege to Aberdeen Castle and before destroying the castle in 1308 and taking back Aberdeen from the English.

The Coat of arms were granted on July 29th, 1996 however the city seals were about before the 15th century.


Flag of Aberdeen 

Aberdeen City Flag

The Flag of Aberdeen dates back to the 15th century if not before, with three towers represting the three hill tops of Aberdeen and decorated with fleurs-de-lis.







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