15 Amazing Facts About Glasgow

Check out these 15 obscure facts about Glasgow, which may just surprise you.


1. Glasgow Cathedral survived the reformation of 1560 and stands today as the most complete medieval cathedral on the Scottish Mainland.

2. Glasgow’s underground railway system is the only one in Scotland, and the 3rd oldest in the world.

3. The Hunterian Museum houses the world’s first-ever ultra sound machine.

4. There are over 20 towns named Glasgow in the US, as well as several in Canada


5. Glasgow Tower at the Science Centre is the only structure in the world capable of rotating 360 degrees in to prevailing wind and currently holds the Guinness-World-Record for the tallest fully rotating freestanding structure on earth.

6. The very first international football match between England and Scotland was played in Glasgow in 1872.

7. The IMAX cinema at Glasgow Science Centre was the first IMAX cinema to be built-in Scotland.

8. Glasgow has trees twice as old as the dinosaurs

9. The remains of St Valentine are located in Glasgow


10. The Tall Ship at Riverside Museum is one of only five Clyde built ships still afloat in the world today and she is the only one of her kind in the UK.

11. Horseshoe Bar is the longest bar in Europe, and is found in Glasgow.

12. The first ever TV images were broadcast in Glasgow

13. Glasgow City Chambers has more marble than the Vatican

14. The Britannia Panopticon is the world’s oldest surviving music hall in the world.

15. Glasgow has its own Statue of Liberty