40 Amazing Facts about Rome

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Rome Facts

Fun & Interesting  Facts About Rome

  1. Rome Hosted the 1960 Summer Olympics.

  2. Rome is the seat of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, FAO.

  3. Rome became the capital city of Kingdom of Italy in 1870, which was previously held by Florence.

  4. Rome is known as the “Caput Mundi”, which translates from Latin, means “Capital of the World”.

  5. Rome is also known as the “Eternal City”.

  6. You can find around 280 fountains in Rome and the best thing is, you can drink from them.

  7. Rome is home to 900 Churches.

  8. Rome has more Christian churches than any other city in the World.

  9. You can find a Museum dedicated to Pasta in Rome, Museum of pasta food.

  10. The University of Rome, La Sapienza was established in 1303 AD, its the first University of Rome and is the largest University in Europe and second largest in the world.

  11. Rome was founded in 753 BC by Romulus.

  12. The Comune of Rome covers an overall area of 496 square miles.

  13. Rome coat of arms you see SPQR, which stands for “Senatus Populusque Romanus” and translates to “The Senate and the people of Rome”, you see this symbol SPQR all around the city.

  14. In Ancient Rome if you were free-born in Rome, Roman men were allowed to wear togas, which showed that they are citizens of Rome and if you were a woman, you would wear stoles, a different version of Toga which is made from Linen.

  15. The Romans had special toga cleaners called fullers.

  16. The Rome’s Mascot is a she-wolf, which cared for the Brothers Romulus and Remus, who are the legendary founders of Rome.

  17. The Romans would sometimes flood the whole Colosseum or Circus Maximus for a boat battle.

  18. In Ancient Rome women would dye their hair with goat fat and beech wood ashes, popular colours were blonde and red.

  19. Vatican city is enclaved within the city of Rome.

  20. Every Year, nearly 700,000 Euros worth of coins is tossed into the Rome’s Trevi Fountain and the proceeds are donated to Caritas, a Catholic charity to help those in need.

  21. Rome’s first shopping mall was built between 107 and 110 AD by Emperor Trajan.

  22. The Romans built a road network of 53,000 miles by the early fourth century, each Roman mile was about 1,000 paces or 4,800 feet and was then marked by a milestone.

  23. Rome is older than Italy, Italy did not become a unified nation until late in the 19th century and Rome was founded around 53 B.C, making Rome  2,500 years older than republic of Italy.

  24. Cats have a special law in Rome, A Roman law states that if at least five cats are living together, they cannot be “scatted”, this is why Rome has around 300,000 cats.

  25. Rome was the first modern city to reach a population of 1 Million.

  26. Ancient Rome was at least six times more densely populated than present-day New York City.

  27. The Colosseum of Rome is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

  28. A man could lose Roman citizenship if he deserted the arm.

  29. Ancient Romans celebrated a festival called “Saturnalia” in which slaves and their masters would switch places.

  30. The word “palace” comes from the Palatine Hill, where Augustus established the emperors’ tradition of building their palaces.

  31. Owning land during the Roman empire was so important that almost all Roman citizens owned at least a small plot.

  32. Roman days were divided into 12 hours, measured by a sundial.

  33. In Rome the Purple clothing was a status symbol and reserved only for emperors or senators.

  34. Rome Didn’t Become a Part of Italy until September 1870.

  35. There is a secret passage that’s leading from Vatican City to Castel Sant’Angelo.

  36. The Ancient city of Rome is about 30 feet below the modern street level.

  37. It is said that Romans used to throw Christians to the Lions in the Colosseum however there is no Proof to this myth.

  38. estimated population of Rome is 2,869,461, The urban area has a population of 3.8 million and the 4.3 million living in the metropolitan area. (2016).

  39. Elevation of Rome is 69 ft.

  40. Rome ranked as the 14th-most-visited city in the world, 3rd most visited in the European Union, and the most popular tourist attraction in Italy.


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