6 Amazing Facts about Jaén

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Jaen Facts




  1. The City of Jaén comes from the Moorish word ‘Geen’ or ‘Jayyan’, Which means stopping post of a Caravan route.

  2. Jaén was a strategic position on the frontline between Christian Spain and Moorish Granada.

  3. Within the Jaén’s Cathedral, behind the altar, is a religious artifact, a cloth, known as the cloth of the Holy Face, it was said that the cloth used by St Veronica to wipe Christ’s face, as he carried the cross to Golgotha.

  4. The province of Jaén has more olive trees than any other province in Spain, over 40 million olive trees, the people of Jaén call it liquid gold.

  5. The city motto is “Muy Noble y muy Leal Ciudad de Jaén, Guarda y Defendimiento de los Reynos de Castilla” which translates to “Very Noble and Very Loyal City of Jaén, Guard, and Defense of the Kingdoms of Castile”, a title that was given to the city by  King Enrique II of Castile.

  6. The highest point in the city is the hill of Santa Catalina.


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