20 Amazing Facts About Lyon

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  1. The people of Lyon are called “Lyonnais”

  2. Lyon is the birthplace of Cinematograph picture cameras, which was invented by the Lumiere Brothers in 1895.

  3. The puppet named “Guignal” was invented in Lyon in 1808, as a sort of satire of society. Even had its own TV Show named “Les guignols de l’info”.

  4. The world famous wine growing areas are located near Lyon; Cotes De Rhone & the Beaujolis.

  5. The International Police Federation known as the Interpol has its headquarters in Lyon.

  6. Lyon was the Silk Capital of the World for many Centuries.

  7. The City of Lyon was Founded by the Romans.

  8. Lyon was once known as Lugdunum and someone who lives in Lugdunum would have been called “Lyonnaise” if they were a female and “Lyonnais” if they were a male.

  9. Lugdunum was once the capital of Gaule (France) for more than 300 years.

  10. Every year In December the city has a four-day Festival, “Festival of Lights”.

  11. Lyon is the second richest city in France, After Paris.

  12. The first recognized industrial strike happen in France was in Lyon.

  13. Lyon is the Second largest Metropolis in France.

  14. The local football team is called Olympique Lyonnais.

  15. There are hidden passageways around Lyon, Mainly found in Vieux Lyon, the Traboules and the Croix Rousse, were used by silk weavers.

  16. Infogrames from the early 80’s was founded in Lyon and later went on to buy Atari in 2003.

  17. World Renowned Chef, Paul Bocuse, was born in Lyon.

  18. The city of Lyon is home to 14 Michelin star restaurants.

  19. During World War 2, Lyon was named Capital of the Résistance.

  20. Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi who created the statue of Liberty in New York also designed the Fontaine Bartholdi.


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