Anna Regina, Guyana


Anna Regina, Guyana

Anna Regina

Anna Regina serves as the administrative centre and regional capital of Region Two, Pomeroon-Supenaam, in Guyana. Anna Regina attained town status in 1970.

Anna Regina is Situated on the Atlantic coast, northwest of the Essequibo River’s mouth, it is located 19 km north of Adventure.

Since the early 1800s, a Dutch plantation occupied the area. Later, ownership passed to an Englishman who had two daughters named Anna and Regina. As the area developed around the area, the town was named after the plantation Anna and Regina.

Anna Regina Significant Location

There are several sites in Anna Regina with historical significance. These are some of the most significant sites:

  • Damon Monument: Erected in 1988 to honour Damon, a slave who was executed after protesting against the introduction of apprenticeship.
  • Damon’s Cross: Presumably associated with Damon and his protest.
  • Aurora Chimney and Estate House: Likely part of an estate with historical importance.
  • Anna Regina Bridge: A noteworthy bridge in the area.
  • Anna Regina Chimney: Another chimney that might have historical significance, possibly related to industry or estate activities.
  • St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church: A historical Anglican church in the area.
  • Dutch Tombs: Several Dutch tombs, indicating a historical connection to Dutch colonialism.

Anna Regina, Guyana
Anna Regina – Administrative Centre