Backpackers Travel Guide




Travelling is expensive so saving will be hard, some backpacker work for a couple of months save money and then find the best and cheapest way to get to their location. here are some ways to save money;

Always be looking out for a deal, for flights use websites such as Skyscanner and google flights.

While travelling walk short distance to save money on taxis and if you got to go somewhere make sure to use public transport they are a lot cheaper.

Saving for your adventure, get a bucket or a jar, whatever you can find to save money, and don’t touch it, till you about to go travelling.

Travel out of season days, its two to three times cheaper then going in season, travel agencies always bump up prices during peak season.

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Planning And Organizing Travels

before you travel, i find it easy to set my self six simple tasks, they are there just to make sure i haven’t forgot anything and making sure I’m well informed before i travel:

  • Planning: where i want to go and have the money to back up that travel, that means saving as well in this stage, so make sure i have a destination, have the money to go there, transport (flights) and spending money.
  • Arrangements: booking my flights, hotels and documents, buy the tickets for the best deal book my hotel even if its just for the first night, and passport is valid.
  • Acquiring buy the equipment such as clothes, bags and gadgets, everything i need to travel.
  • Preparing, making sure i have travel insurance and all documents are copied and copies given to a family member just encase.
  • Finalizing; making all clothing and equipment in backpack, all documents are ready, Make sure the flights and accommodations you booked are still correct.
  • Checking; all devices such as portable chargers and phones, cameras are fully changed, arrive early to airport and any other checks needed before i set off.

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Smartphones And Apps

Smartphones have changed the way we travel, enhanced the way we travel, making it cheaper, faster and safer, travelling on apps such as instagram made it easier to make a living, people more and more making a living out of travelling because of social media and smarphone, connecting with your fans, here are some apps that might make your travels better.

AirBnB: online community marketplace that connects people looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodations; users include hosts and travelers: hosts list and rent out their unused spaces, and travelers search for and book accommodations in 192 countries worldwide

SkyScanner: compares millions of flights/hotels/car to find you the cheapest deal, fast. Whether you want to go to Tenerife or Tokyo, we’ll find low cost flights/hotels.

WeatherPro: high-quality seven-day forecasts and weather reports for over two million cities and 800,000 points of interest worldwide.

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Travel Security And Scams

Backpacking can be dangers if you don’t try to keep yourself safe, you can do number of things to keep yourself safe in different situations, situations such as:

  • the destination you going to
  • protecting yourself in hostels
  • Getting scammed and robbed

The destination that you might be heading off to might be unsafe and dangers to go to, this is why you should always research a place you going to, making sure theirs no wars, coups or other things happening, and each country has culture differences, women travelling have to make sure they are extra safe, covering up like a local might help with that.

Protecting your belongings, if you travelling make sure you got a lock on valuables, in your backpack lock one of the lockets with a lock so no one can open  your bag and take your phone, documents etc.

In hostels make sure theirs a locker system, so your valuables and equipment can be protected when you asleep or away, never leave your phone on charge with out you being next to it.

Scams happen often for backpackers as locals want some money of you, don’t fall for it, just remember if its too good to be true that’s because it is.

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Picking Right Hostel

Hostels, can be hard to choose from, different hostels can advantages and disadvantage, but making sure you have chosen the right one can be tricky and hard, to some and to others all they might need is a bed and they will sleep like a baby.

Creating a priorities plan can be help full, making sure you have the right needs to suit you, here are some priorities you should take in to account.

  • Reviews
  • First Impression
  • price
  • location
  • internet
  • lockers
  • free perks
  • room space

If the hostel hasn’t got the main priorities such as room space, internet, lockers and location that’s important to you, you choice not to stay there and find a different hostel.

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Making Friends And Building Relationships

While Backpacking around the world, you get to meet hundreds of people from people you hate to people you created an emotional attachment.however the difficult part its not meeting them, its connecting back after your journey is ended or you move to a different place, social media can help but most of the time however things might seem different when you speak to them and you no longer in the backpackers environment.

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Not All fun, Things You Might Hate

Backpacking might seem like its the best thing in the world, its being away by yourself in another country enjoying the beautiful views, meeting people and experiencing what the world has to offer, however it might not be that way, here are something you will definitely come to see and hate:

Showing, get used to being dirty and smelly most of the time, as a backpacker you rarely get a chance to shower and when you do, its like the best thing in the world, but don’t worry everyone around you will probably going to be the same, so get used to it.

Walking around is going to be your number one source of transport, taxis and public transport might seem a good answer but you probably going to get scammed and public transport can add up on price, specially if you on a budget.

friends you meet wouldn’t stick around for too long, they might be on the move like you and they can be heading to different places compare to you.

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