Being Alone Might Mean You’re Smart


You’re Smart

Being alone can possibly make you feel isolated from the outside and can even make you feel a bit depressed, which in time can make you feel like you are missing out, which is a feeling of social exclusion, However for some people who are shy/Introvert can mean that you are in fact be smart.

A Study was made by the British Journey of Psychological society  that the more social interactions a person has with friends, the happier they are overall, more satisfied with their life however.. this is not the case for people who are highly more intelligent, the more intelligent your, the less social interactions you would like, by having less interactions the happier you are.

As technology becomes part of our day to day life, we end up, spending less time with socializing, face to face and more being stuck at home on our computers and phones, this has made it much easier for the Introvert Humans.

Don’t Worry if you are more social, it doesn’t mean you are less intelligent, this theory doesn’t apply to everyone, as every person is different.

We are all different, which means we do things differently, we learn differently, we develop differently, you just have to find out, what kind of person you are and build on it.

One of my favorite quotes, explains this theory perfectly, its by Albert Einstein “Everybody is a genius, But if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, It will  live it’s whole life believing that is is stupid.

Don’t worry about how people label you, Just do your best to be your better self.

Being alone might mean you're smart