Best Travel Tips


Just bit of advise for people who love to travel and those who always wanted to travel

Don’t Go Into Debt

Travelling abroad can be costly specially when you add up flights, transport, accommodations and food costs, having to travel abroad will leave a dent in your wallet. Making sure you save money before going on an adventure is a most and making sure you stay away from debt is importunate, you don’t want to come back knowing you have to pay of 1000’s of pounds/dollars/euros etc. great tip, don’t travel unless you have the money.

If you come back from a holiday you will have inspiration and excitement, you don’t want to be coming back knowing you have deb to pay, that inspiration will disappear with stress and worry.



Step out of your Comfort Zone

Travelling is all about experiencing life to its full potential, stepping out of that comfort zone even if you terrified is a most, even if its a little bit, only way you get to find out how far you have went unless you go out there and experience everything you can. even if its trying spice food and you are not usually a fan of eating spicy foods, drinking snakes blood, its all about experiencing things you never done before.

Invest in Travel Insurance

As much as you think this might be a waste of money but travel insurance can save you a lot of money and hassle, if you ever get injured, they will pay off your medical bills and potential save you a lot of money.

Sunrise is Better than Sunset…Some times

Waking up early morning is always a great way to start exploring specially seeing that beautiful landscape with the sunrise lighting, just makes it worth while and don’t forget them beautiful Instagram pictures you can have.

Pack Light

packing light will save you money on flights as most flights only offer 25 kg luggage and 6kg personal backpack, if you going away for couple weeks or month, you need to pack smart making sure you only take necessary items with you, make sure your personal backpack is full of items that is necessary for you to be on the move quickly and be comfortable.


Bring Portable Chargers

Being on the move doesn’t give you much time to charge your devices such as smartphones, cameras but having a portable charger, you are able to change your devices on the move, its horrible not having your phone on you, when you are abroad, if you get lost you can always use your phone to find your way back. or even use your phone as a translate, by using google translate, its useful having a smartphone on your adventures so making sure you have portable chargers is a most.

Back up your Photos

Backing up important files/documents/pictures is a must, specially when you travelling and taking lots of pictures and then finding out that all your pictures are now gone because you lost your camera,phone etc, so having a good back up source is needed things such as iCloud for iPhones gives you free back up, however you should also have a portable hard-drive with you to store your pictures or even some kind of cloud base storage so you know all your most precious memories are saved in a safe place for you to access whenever you like.


Don’t be Afraid to Talk to People

Travelling abroad is hard enough but sometimes not knowing the language can be harder so having to speak to people is difficult, but don’t be afraid to ask for help or ask locals to tell you the best places to go to, after all they know the place better then anyone, plus even if you embarrass yourself a little bit, if you on the move, you probable wouldn’t see yourself.