Blogging Advice & Tips: 6 Tips for New Bloggers

Blogging Advice & Tips: 6 Tips for New Bloggers

For New bloggers, if you would like advice about blogging and some simple tips, you can read our series on tips for new bloggers, you might learn something, that will help you become a better blogger.

Be Unique

This might sound silly but a lot of bloggers copy a more successful blogger, because they feel like, that’s what people want, this might be true but it doesn’t mean you will successful as a blogger by doing everything they do, you need to be Unique, this means making Posts fun and inspirational.

One of the ways i try to do that is by making weekly series like: Inspirational weekly Instagram photos and past and present photographs.

Also trying to make videos more unique, but that’s still in progress.

You got to keep it unique to your own style, remember its your blog and not someone else.

Be Inspired

Reading other bloggers and watching other videos to get you inspired to write about something, blogging can get tiring and repetitive for some after a while that’s why over 70% of new bloggers stop blogging within first three months.

If you read another blog and they inspire you to write about a topic, then feel free to do that but don’t copy, be unique and write about that topic in a different manner.

Remember copying another blogger doesn’t help with your SEO, which means your posts will be viewed by less people.

Helping hand with Social Media

What do i mean by helping hand with social media, well social media is a massive factor if your blog success or not, putting yourself and your blog out there, will in-fact bring you traffic to your blog, even if its 2 new visitors or 100, it’s better then nothing, and never know, they might even want to come back and become a regular visitor.

Blogging is about money….its a stepping stone

Many people think writing a blog can make you rich quick, but does it really? Na, before any blog got successful with out 100 k visitors, it took time and hard work, with a big of luck.

But after advertisements you really only start earning as much as a minimal page job, but that’s if you are lucky.

Blogs are used as portfolios to show ‘sponsor’s’ about who you are and your talents, but don’t fall for the trap, ‘how to earn money quick while blogging’ blogging isn’t quick, it takes time and effort.


By collaborating with other bloggers, you get yourself out there, you make a name for yourself and if you lucky, you might get hired by that blog, but that’s if you are really lucky, you can also earn money blogging for others, of cause, you really only making a name for yourself, so contributing to other blogs will get you and your blog out there.

some blogs even allow you to post a link back to your website from that post, which means you get a good back link to your blog. it’s great for SEO.

We also offers for anyone to contribute to isolated traveller, If you would like to contribute: click here.

DumbLittleMan &  also let you contribute.

Just Blog & Don’t Stop

If you have the passion to blog then do it, just remember if you stop, the blog will fail, so many blogs fail because they are not kept up to date, that includes some blogs with over 100 k views, once they stop posting, the blog goes down hill with less and less people viewing it until its completely dead.


Blogging Advice & Tips: 6 Tips for New Bloggers