Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay is a diverse waterfront built around a 200 hectare freshwater lake known as ‘the Bay’.

The Cardiff docks were the hub of the worlds coal industry, transporting millions of tonnes of coal across the world however due to the decline of the coal industry, the Cardiff bay was left to suffer, it eventually became full and very boring place.

However the old Cardiff docklands have been redeveloped in the last decade to create Cardiff Bay.

The Bay offers a great mix of Cardiff attractions, entertainment and events, coupled with vibrant bars and shops that create a truly unique atmosphere.

The creation of Cardiff Bay is now widely regarded as one of the most successful regeneration projects in the United Kingdom.

The Bay’s water is supplied by two rivers the Taff and the Ely, which forms a 500 acre of freshwater lake.

Things you can do in Cardiff Bay

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Cardiff Bay