Exchanging Beer for rides and accommodation


Travelling around the world or to even different places can be expensive and even stressful time for some people, but now imagine travelling 5000 miles (8046.72km) only by trading, but a hitchhiker Manny Marshall has achieved this goal.

Manny Marshall started his 5,000 mile journey from Edinburgh, Scotland, his only currency was cans of Innis & Gunn’s IPA beer, he would go on his journey sharing the cans with strangers for accommodation and a ride.

During the eight week period, he enjoyed beer in Athens at the acropolis and then hitched a ride on a tuk-tuk in Mumbai. he also passed a newlywed couple in prague.


Manny Marshall said “I’ve been hitchhiking for about 15 years. Pretty much non-stop for the last four. It’s a bit of a passion for me,”